Little Progress, But I’ll Take What I Can Get!


I am still in the process of healing and recovering from the Achilles tendonitis that I have been dealing with in my left leg. After my second week of physical therapy, I believe that I am making some progress—Not a lot of it, but I’ll take what I can get!

This week, I had physical therapy on Monday (due to commitments at work, I was unable to schedule a second session of physical therapy this week), and my Achilles tendon was sore for a couple days after that as a result of the treatment I received and the exercises that I performed. Nevertheless, I was feeling well enough to do some indoor cycling on Zwift. Nothing too strenuous, but I did a short recovery ride on Monday evening and one-hour endurance rides on Tuesday and Wednesday. I stayed off the bike on Thursday and Friday to get a little extra recovery before the weekend.

By the weekend, I was feeling great, and I was excited to be able to ride my bike on Saturday. My physical therapist indicated that I could increase my mileage this week, so I planned to do two laps of my River Trail Endurance Miles Loop (35.2km).

Below is a map of the route from Garmin

The ride went well. The first lap I rode primarily in Zone 1, and the second lap, I rode primarily in Zone 2. Although I felt great, it is clear that I have not yet recovered the fitness that I had prior to injury. I know I will get there eventually.

I completed the ride with no indication of pain in my achilles or in my knees, which had previously given me trouble. This morning, however, I noticed a very slight swelling in my Achilles tendon, and after doing some stretches, I was filling a very small amount of pain.

Although I had planned to go out for another ride today, I decided against it. With tomorrow being Presidents’ Day, however, I am hoping to be able to go for another ride before the end of the long weekend. Fingers crossed!

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