Skyline-Stratus Circuit Climbing Repeats


This short (6.4km) circuit provides a good opportunity for short-interval climbing repeats.  Each lap of the circuit includes one small climb on Skyline of approximately 80m (average 7.5% gradient) and a slightly longer climb on Stratus of approximately 120m (average 7.7% gradient)

The traffic in the area is fairly easy to deal with. Although Skyline Ranch Rd can seem relatively busy at times, since it is the only road in and out of the residential community, the entire route follows a bike lane. A drinking fountain is available at Plum Canyon Park, which is adjacent to the route on the downhill section of Skyline Ranch Road. This is convenient, particularly when the weather is warm or if you have planned a longer session. Additional fuel and hydration options are available at the service station on the corner of Plum Canyon and Skyline.

Below is a map of the route and an elevation profile from Ride with GPS.

I created this route to facilitate mid-week climbing repeat sessions on those days when I am unable to ride to an area that provides longer climbing opportunities. I have enjoyed training on this route so far, and going forward, I plan to try some variations in this route. For example, a reverse circuit can be ridden by making a left on Stratus at the first roundabout. In addition, several new roads are being built in the area, including one that connects to the top of Stratus that may provide additional climbing opportunity. Finally, as of the date of this post, Skyline Ranch Road ends at the second roundabout, but it will soon go through to Sierra Highway. This, too, will provide additional climbing opportunity.

Below is a link to a recent session that I completed on this route.

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