This brief guide outlines key considerations for the Support Crew in tracking Daniel’s nutrition and hydration during the race. The Support Crew is responsible for understanding Daniel’s Nutrition Plan and helping to manage his consumption to keep him on track.

Materials Needed:

  • Logbook or digital tracking tool
  • Writing utensils or digital input device
  • Daniel’s pre-determined nutrition and hydration plan


  1. Understand the Nutrition and Hydration Plan: Prior to the race, familiarize yourself with Daniel’s nutrition and hydration plan. This plan should include what Daniel plans to eat and drink, and at what intervals.
  2. Set Up a Logbook or Digital Tracker: Systematically record every time Daniel eats or drinks. This could be done using a simple notebook, a spreadsheet, or a specialized app. Include columns or fields for the time, the type of food or drink consumed, and the quantity. The details of how the logbook or digital tracker should be used must be ironed out before the race. (Current Template: Web | Microsoft Word | Microsoft Excel.) Note that because Daniel will likely have some nutrition and hydration “onboard” at the start of the race, you should coordinate with him prior to the start so that these “onboard” items can be logged.
  3. Record Every Exchange: Each time you hand off food or water to Daniel, make a note in your logbook or digital tracker. Record what was given, the quantity, and the time.
  4. Track Consumables: Pay attention to what Daniel returns to you. If he gives back a partially full water bottle, estimate and record how much he drank. Do the same for partially eaten food items.
  5. Check In Regularly: Whenever possible, but at least at the top of every hour, ask Daniel directly about his food and water consumption. This will be particularly important if Daniel is also carrying his own food and water supplies.
  6. Review and Adjust: Regularly review the log and compare it to Daniel’s nutrition and hydration plan. If Daniel is falling behind in their consumption, find a way to remind or encourage him to eat and drink more. If he is exceeding the plan, check that he is not risking stomach issues from overconsumption.
  7. Monitor Daniel’s Condition: Be aware of signs of dehydration (like confusion, fatigue, or dark urine) and signs of insufficient nutrition (like weakness, hunger, or declining performance). If you notice these signs, encourage Daniel to eat and drink more and consider consulting with a race medic if conditions don’t improve.
  8. Communicate and Document Changes: If you and Daniel agree to any changes to the nutrition and hydration plan, document those changes and follow them accordingly.

Remember, the goal is to support Daniel in maintaining his energy and hydration levels throughout the race. The tracking is a tool to help achieve this goal, but it should be flexible and adaptable to Daniel’s needs and the conditions of the race.